The New Era for the League of Legends Greek scene starts now, with the League of Legends Greek Championship becoming the only championship in Greece and Cyprus leading to the European Masters

“When does the fourth season begin and what’s all the fuss about anyway?”

Holding an all time high record of 7.200 concurrent viewers, LGC is back and will keep you company till the beginnings of August and from there with the LAN Finals of September!

PREMIERE on the 24th of June at 20:00 at LGC’s official twitch channel!

We know that the waiting for the 4th Season of the League of Legends Greek Championship was long, but the fans, the gamers, the teams and audience that waited, are going to be greatly rewarded.

Key changes 

The most significant change coming into place this season is that LGC will ultimately lead to the EU MASTERS, thus enabling the participating teams to compete for a chance to join the qualified competitors from the other Regional Leagues.

As expected, the majority of players in a team should primarily consist of residents of either Greece or Cyprus. That means that in order for a team to be eligible, the 3/5 of its starting roster must be players that fulfill the aforementioned criteria. 

“What about the format?”

According to the feedback we received from the teams on previous seasons, the 4th season will be played in a Double Round Robin - Best of 1 series.

That means that the 6 slots that were ensured by last season’s teams and the 2 teams that will arise from the qualifiers, will compete in Best of 1 Series every Sunday and Monday at 20:00, thus leaving the summer Saturdays’ free for hanging out at the beach.

Every win or defeat, every single kill and every fight will, from now on, have its special meaning!

Teams need your support now more than ever!

“But... when do the qualifiers begin?” 

As the above diagram shows there will be 2 qualifiers out of which the winning teams will get their ticket for the main - 4th season of League of Legends Greek Championship.

Registrations for the Qualifiers are now open!

20/6/18 14:00 EEST: Qualifier 1 - Sign up
21/6/18 15:00 EEST: Qualifier 2 - Sign up

In order for a team to be eligible the following criteria should be fulfilled:


• All players must be at least 16 years old by the 24th of June 2018
• Every team’s starter lineup should, at least, consist at its 3/5  by residents of Greece or Cyprus
• It is necessary for the teams that will be qualified to keep the majority of their starter lineup intact for the next stage of the Championship (Regular Season)
• The players of every team must be able to prove their country of residentship
• The teams, as well as the players, that will take part in the regular season must sign a contract that will include the terms, rules and conditions of the Championship
• From the moment that 1 player competes in the qualifiers as part of a team that qualifies for the regular season, that player cannot be a member of any other team of the same Championship till Saturday the 14th of July 2018
• In case that a team qualifies and there is a suspicion for account sharing, the players as well as the team lose the right to compete for the whole of the 4th season
• Players and teams are forbidden to take part in more than 1 European Regional Leagues at the same time 

Those are just the basic rules that should concern you for now.
The complete rulebook will be publicly announced before the beginning of the Championship.

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The New Era has just began.